Perrotin New York is pleased to present The Unexpected Freedom of Chaos – a solo exhibition by New Delhi based artist Bharti Kher.

Kher brings a fresh display of a widely heterogenous practice to New York after a gap of 8 years. New York is no longer the same city when Bharti Kher showed here last. But as someone who believes that “change is the very nature of our bodies,” Kher is here to remind us that she is not the same artist either. In this latest encounter between artist and the city, the animal is still displaced but now morphed into an intentional absurdity. The bindi remains, in its rigorous ubiquity, but its surface no longer ensconced, comes to us instead as something broken, and fittingly then, as viewers will see in fluxes of time such as these – as something powerful. It comes as an unexpected freedom of chaos.

Marking this return, is Kher’s Virus, the very first one she made in an ongoing and politically pulsating series spanning 30 years (2010 – 2039). Placed aptly at the entrance of the gallery corridor, her elegant white spiral – now exactly a decade old – ushers viewers in, so quietly, that one could miss it despite its 3-metre radius. But for Kher, whose practice is invested in charting a meta arc with works that are individually whole and yet in ongoing communication with each other across the axes of time and space, the Virus is a “time-tunnel you can climb into, a vortex, a safe hole”. The near unnoticeable quality of its transformation is thus, a deliberate choice on the part of the artist who makes one such work every year accompanied by an evolving text that is part truth and part fiction. This serves both as record and rumination of our place in increasingly post truth world. February 22 – June 27, 2020.vishopmag-escaparatismo-escaparates-arte-escultura-bharti-kher-the-unexpected-freedom-of-chaos-1 vishopmag-escaparatismo-escaparates-arte-escultura-bharti-kher-the-unexpected-freedom-of-chaos-2 vishopmag-escaparatismo-escaparates-arte-escultura-bharti-kher-the-unexpected-freedom-of-chaos-3 vishopmag-escaparatismo-escaparates-arte-escultura-bharti-kher-the-unexpected-freedom-of-chaos-4Photos: Courtesy Perrotin New York.


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