From Elizabeth I to Margaret Thatcher, Coco Chanel to Lady Gaga, the clothes women wear have always been a powerful form of self-expression and part of a sophisticated visual language.

Women Fashion Power looks at how influential women have used fashion to define and enhance their position in the world. The exhibition celebrates exceptional women from the spheres of politics, culture, business and fashion – forward thinkers who have had an impact on our wardrobes and the world stage. Bringing together clothing, photography, archive footage and interviews, Women Fashion Power showcases more than twenty contemporary women – each of whom are contributing an outfit for display as well as sharing their personal style philosophy.
Women Fashion Power is designed by the world renowned architect Zaha Hadid. The exhibition is co-curated by fashion expert and commentator Colin McDowell and Donna Loveday, Head of Curatorial at the Design Museum.

Women Fashion Power is showing at the Design Museum, London, from now until 26 April 2015.

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Photos: Mirren Rosie.

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