Inspired by the reflections of light and transparencies found in gemstones, these metal and glass coffee tables translate facets through layers of color.  Their modular geometries allow for sculptural arrangements within a space and gracefully transfer color onto the floor surfaces they occupy.

Debra Folz Design is a Boston Massachusetts [USA] based studio, which realizes furniture, tabletop and home accessory objects for exhibition and production through material exploration & conceptual curiosity.  With an undergraduate degree in Interior Design from Suffolk University and a Masters degree in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, Debra blurs the boundaries between disciplines and their assigned material identities, lending consistent focus to the incorporation of textiles and embroidery techniques with furniture forms. Motivated by the translation of traditional craft and manufacturing methods into contemporary visual languages and objects, collaboration & the ambition to learn new techniques is key to her process.

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Photos: Debra Folz Design.

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