The leading producer of exclusive wooden flooring, Dinesen, turned to OeO to help conceive and design their new showroom in a historic setting next to the Copenhagen lakes. Here, OeO created a unique universe that captures the Dinesen spirit and transforms it into a fully embracing spatial experience.

The 600m2 showroom is divided into two parts. One section highlights the exclusivity of the long and wide solid wooden planks that Dinesen is especially celebrated for. Entering is like visiting a private apartment complete with ballroom, dining area, library and custom-made kitchen and wine cellar. Throughout, the colour tones of the walls are inspired by the subtle artistic mastery of Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi (1864-1916).

OeO is a strategic design studio that realises business potential through creative excellence for premium brands worldwide.

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Photos: Anders Hviid.

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