CATBAG backpack store in Barcelona, full renovation project for a new concept store, that’s the first specialized store in the urban backpack in Barcelona.

On the project, Studioapart have defined the strategy of how to approach the new buyer persona in the business and how to relate the product to the preferences of the client generating a unique customer experience. Firstly, they have analyzed the target audience, which brands they look for, what can be related to the product and the intangible and tangible add value Catbag as a brand can give to the audience. The product offered is a kind of product that complements a lifestyle and how they wanted to be seen, getting the main insights we were able to narrow it down to the initial idea of the materials, color shades, finishes and behavior in the space.

Then they analyzed the most significant brands which will be the claim for the customers, how they communicate their products and their differentiation in the market. Through that, theycould understand better what represents the main values of the brands and what do they have in common. Therefore they could define the main aims CATBAG backpack store Barcelona, User experience, Specialised selection of the products, User interaction.

They need to find a ‘skin’ which could help them to bring flexibility to space and at the same time have an identity that could be easily related to the user experience search. To organize the space they find a metal grid and steel row sheets as the main materials and exposed the original bricks with the cracks and imperfections to merge the new intervention in the space with the heritage of a building with more than 100 years. Only two colors and two materials, that was the goal of the project, the real hero in the space has to be the product so they have had to use as less as possible materials and colors to don’t disturb the audience’s attention.

Hierarchy of how to display the product and opening as much as possible the store to the neighborhood was the other strategy to design the store. This store is located in one of the most visited sightseeing locations in town, so the main intervention was to open up the store to the street let the product be visible from all the angles. Having a long lineal display with a bulkhead to highlight the main product along with the row steel sheets and a versatile system, with made-in designed all the hooks and accessories made-in for the metal grid. All furniture is made in steel sheet and specifically designed for the store. vishopmag-revista-magazine-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-Cat-Bag-Studioapart-4 vishopmag-revista-magazine-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-Cat-Bag-Studioapart-3 vishopmag-revista-magazine-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-Cat-Bag-Studioapart-2 Photos: Studioapart.

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