Buckley Gray Yeoman has completed Fred Perry’s new flagship store at 9 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden.

The 2,000 sq ft store will showcase the label’s Authentics Collection for men & women alongside the Fred Perry Reissues collection of classic garments inspired by the company’s archive. The store has been designed to allow Fred Perry’s new home to be as flexible as possible, giving the label the opportunity to reinterpret the layout to suit different collections on a seasonal basis, as well as host one-off events on the shopfloor.

The layout of the store is open plan with a strong linear arrangement that draws customers to the heart of the store. Bespoke freestanding units were introduced throughout which can be reconfigured for new collections. Other key features include a large sculptural representation of the Fred Perry laurel wreath, and a display case that allows Fred Perry to display unique artefacts from the Fred Perry archive.

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Photos: Hufton + Crow.

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