In March 2017, two partners came to CLAP with the desire to create a Shoes Concept Store exclusively for children. They started with a clear name, “Little Stories”, and the need to create a strong corporate identity, graphically, to create an interior design in accordance with it. After several workshops with the client, they came up with three key points that reflected the essence of Little Stories: game, simplicity and adaptability.

For the creation of the corporate image they chose a friendly and simple sans serif typography. The corporate image was completed with a system of lines that helps to represent, articulate and express brand identity in different formats.

CLAP’s goal was to create an experience for little ones. Every detail is designed to encourage imagination and play but at the same time to highlight the products on display.

The interior of 70 square meters is an open space with large windows that make the interior feel like an enormous shopfront. The product exhibition is completely adaptable and allows a change of distribution thanks to the small movable stands on the floor and the magnetic metal plates on the walls. The corporate image of Little Stories accompanies the user from the exterior of the space to the interior, creating a constant game for the little ones and clearing the space for the products to be proudly showcased.  vishopmag-revista-blog-escaparatismo-escaparates-visual-merchandising-tiendas-retail-design-clap-kids-store-tienda-002 vishopmag-revista-blog-escaparatismo-escaparates-visual-merchandising-tiendas-retail-design-clap-kids-store-tienda-003 vishopmag-revista-blog-escaparatismo-escaparates-visual-merchandising-tiendas-retail-design-clap-kids-store-tienda-004Photos: CLAP.

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