On the ground floor of the recently finished mixed-use Le Toison d’Or building in Brussels lies the new hotspot of the city: Buddy Buddy. This is not your ordinary hip café to get an oat milk latte. It is an atelier and café combined in which the owners make their own variety of special nut butters. They serve it on fresh toast and combine it with other ingredients to make the most of the tasting experience. Everything in this place is 100% vegan.

HOP was asked to design the interior concept and every small or large interior detail of Buddy Buddy for two guys who previously owned (and started) the successful café named Hinterland in Brussels. Because of its double function, that of being a café and atelier, the interior of Buddy Buddy is split up in a two-colour scheme. The back side, containing the counter and high seating areas, is made up of mixtures of special metallic red and earth tone colours. The front side is made up of warm white colours and contains low seating areas. Both sides are separated from each other by a strict border going around the floor, walls and ceiling. The zone in the middle of the café is the “free zone” where customers can wait, wander, linger, look around or take selfies. Nothing is prohibited in this space. Even dogs are very welcome to drop by for some left over peanut butter.

The materialisation of the interior of Buddy Buddy plays a key role in the design. Almost all fixed furniture is built up from custom powder coated steel elements, together forming a classy and elegant vibe. The floor and the counter are finished with a vibrant mortex coating and large bronze mirrors create depth in this rather compact space. Every little detail within the interior of Buddy Buddy is carefully thought out and complements the colourful character of the owners and the tasty experience of their nut butters. vishopmag-revista-magazine-retaildesign-visualmerchandising-escaparate-hop-cafe-buddybuddy-1  vishopmag-revista-magazine-retaildesign-visualmerchandising-escaparate-hop-cafe-buddybuddy-3 vishopmag-revista-magazine-retaildesign-visualmerchandising-escaparate-hop-cafe-buddybuddy-4Photos: Hop.


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