NOW Gallery, Greenwich Peninsula’s cultural platform for exciting design, fashion and art exhibitors, shows WALALA x PLAY, an interactive abstract installation and immersive maze will capture the imaginations of NOW Gallery’s audience this summer.

WALALA X PLAY welcomes visitors to explore, examine and enjoy a labyrinthine network of corridors and enclosed spaces in a ‘temple of wonder’ created by Walala Studio. A key part of this installation will be an imaginative puzzle which invites the solver to identify the inconsistencies between two otherwise identical images. WALALA x PLAY brings this concept off the page and into three- dimensional space, inviting visitors to linger and explore colour, shape and scale, contemplating formidable pattern to find the differences.

For this summer installation NOW Gallery is pleased to have Camille Walala’s positive vibe, expressed through vibrant colour and bold pattern. Her work harnesses optimistic typography and exuberant geometries to create environments that stimulate the senses and inspire joy. A graduate in textile design from the University of Brighton, she established her namesake brand in East London in 2009, and continues to live and work there today.

Showcasing one-off experimental and exciting art and design, NOW Gallery on Greenwich Peninsula provides artists and designers with a place for investigation, and space to develop ideas to create an unprecedented artwork they would not usually have the opportunity to develop. WALALA X PLAY, will be available for visitors to view for free from 14th July – 24th September.

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