Louis Vuitton Japan opened its first standalone street level boutique in Shinjuku on November 29.

Adorning the central double-height atrium of the Shinjuku boutique is a grandiose artwork resembling a chandelier created by leading contemporary Korean artist Do Ho Suh. Entitled “Cause and Effect,” Suh’s work is made up of some 42,000 clear acrylic resin human figures hanging from a ceiling frame crafted out of stainless steel and aluminum.

 Located at the Shinjuku 3-chome intersection, the new two-storey boutique will stock a range of products with a stronger focus on “fashion.” The façade features Louis Vuitton’s signature Damier pattern, accented by window displays designed and conceived by Sofia Coppola — the first time that these displays are being seen outside of Paris.
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Photos: Louis Vuitton.

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