Active In Style is a predominantly e-commerce business, sourcing and selling new and modern activewear for women.

With the recent boom in the health and fitness industry, which has subsequently influenced a ripple effect in activewear in the retail sector, Active In Style were looking to open a flagship store in London to maximise their physical presence.

A lightbox was placed at the rear of the store to draw customers through the space. The Ledge 65 Magnetik lightbox is an easy, cost-effective graphic display tool that is quick to refresh with new graphics and easy to re-configure the magnetic shelves and hooks.revista-magazine-escaparates-retail-design-active-in-style-retail-design-unibox-concept-store-tienda-vishopmag-003 revista-magazine-escaparates-retail-design-active-in-style-retail-design-unibox-concept-store-tienda-vishopmag-004 revista-magazine-escaparates-retail-design-active-in-style-retail-design-unibox-concept-store-tienda-vishopmag-005

Custom perimeter units designed to fit into recessed alcoves in the surrounding walls were made using the 25|25 modular system for a sleek, modern and monochromatic look and feel. The perimeter units were not only for in store, but also for pop-up events so the 25|25 retail display system offered our client a lightweight, flat-pack kit of parts that could be easily dismantled and re-assembled using only one allen key.


Photos: Unibox.

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