The Japanese fashion company BEAMS has been introducing fashion products selected from the world to Japanese consumers for 40 years.

This time, BEAMS in collaboration with MR PORTER, a global leading menswear style and e-commerce destination in London, held a joint show “MR PORTER x BEAMS”, as a part of the “BEAMS JAPAN” project aiming to introduce Japanese products to the world, and we were asked to design the exhibition.

Their request was to create a strong impression to promote their endeavor as well as effectively displaying products.

Schemata Architects takes inspiration from traditional clothes drying poles, originally used tosundrylaundryathome, and transformed them into new display fixtures. Arrays of clothes drying poles provoke an image of a good old neighborhood of common people in Japan. Height and length of the pipes are adjusted to create a “forest of clothes drying poles». And there they installed fluorescent lamps, which are likewise commonly used items in everyday lives in Asia.

MR PORTER × BEAMS exhibition is a project of Schemata Architects.

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Photos: Schemata Architects.

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