The Hermès shop window represents a journey of memory through the toys, colours and textures of the childhood and an ode to the power of imagination. On the cheerful scene of an imaginary game that has just begun, the display is transformed into a box of multicoloured and multi shaped elements. Every piece is unique and carries its own texture, shades and the distinctive touch of the artisan tradition of the Murano mouth blown glass. An inner richness and quality that meets and mixes with that of Hermès products, giving rise to combinations that the imagination transforms into figures, places and situations of fantasy. vishopmag-revista-escaparates-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-retaildesign-escaparate-hermes-pure-imagination-004 vishopmag-revista-escaparates-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-retaildesign-escaparate-hermes-pure-imagination-003 vishopmag-revista-escaparates-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-retaildesign-escaparate-hermes-pure-imagination-002 Photos: Max Rommel / Hermès.

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