RIBA Shanghai Windows 2015



RCKa’s experiential installation for Tayohya is ingeniously made of woven vinyl material from a range of placemats and bags sold in-store. The design of #LiveLifeInColour entails a bold colour changing effect which becomes visible as you move through the Mall’s central atrium at upper and lower levels.

The effect close-up is similarly optically bold, as thin planes of colour shift in front and behind each other, leading you around the installation until ultimately you are drawn into the heart of the space, which is entered by pushing through the heavy vinyl ribbons until you are enveloped in colour.

Featuring four colours from Tayohya’s Spring 2015 palette, #LiveLifeInColour will entice both children and adults to engage in playful exploration.

#LiveLifeInColour is a project by RCKa for RIBA Shanghai Windows 2015.

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Photos: Liam Clarke & Tayohya.

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