Fotis Evans continues his work with Hermès with these new window displays in 1 Cadogan Place, London.

To celebrate the opening of the new Hermès store in London, Fotis Evans has created a duet of installations, inspired by the brand’s history and craftsmanship. H-Beams are used in forced perspective to construct a swing alike industrial crane in weathered steel, echoing the brands strong presence throughout the years. The crane structure and the surrealist inspired shelf just like two living creatures suggest a dream of how products are created and brought to the store’s shelves and engage in a playful conversation of transversal design details within the range of products.

The horse, always a key element of Hermès is depicted as a brutalist concrete staircase jumping a fence reimagined from the molecular structure of adrenaline and it is an effort to show how the brand’s attention to detail creates visionary aspirations of living reality.

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Photos: Andrew Meredith.


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