The story of Hiut Denim Co is somewhat special and everything about the company is unique, innovative and challenges convention, so it needed something that retained the essence of the brand to communicate the story in a retail environment.

If you haven’t come across Hiut Denim Co, they are made in a town that used to have Britain’s biggest denim factory. Its’ reason to exist is to rejuvenate jobs in the town for the master craftspeople that worked in the old jeans factory before it closed. Each and every pair is signed by the maker in the factory. The Hiut Denim Co believes all artists should sign their work. The Hiut Denim Co’s customers are the creative community, people who appreciate the care, craft and detail in every pair.

To tell the story of the jeans they felt it was appropriate to “tech hack” a pair of jeans and utilise the latest innovation – conductive ink.

In the specialist jeans store Rivet & Hide, creative technology agency Knit utilised the window space to create an installation, which allows potential customers to hear the story of the brand and the product details as they interact with different parts of the product by touching the relevant icons on the outside of the window.

This is the first time that conductive ink has used through glass and as part of an in-store retail installation.

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Video & photos: Hiut Denim Co.

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