Wonderwall is an exhibition space designed to receive the masterpiece The Pool by Jen Lewin in Colombo Shopping Mall, in Lisbon, Portugal, built with approximately 20,000 strips of white and black fabric.
The temporary museum is totally suspended from the skylight on the central square and presents an abstract skin which oscillates with airflows created by the movement of people. The cylindrical space seeks to emphasise the centrality of the exposed artwork, enhanced by the abdication of a main entrance in favour of a fully permeable facade that dissolves the entrance along the entire periphery of the space.
For brightness control, the work of Jen Lewin is not visible from the outside. Instead, the coverage presents itself as a large circular weaving screen that highlights the manual process that characterises the construction of this dome space, bringing out a unique textile texture.

Wonderwall is a project designed for portuguese studio, LIKEarchitecs.


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Photography: FG+SG

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