Leading quartz manufacturer Caesarstone announced its collaboration with world renowned designer Jaime Hayon for their 2017 Designer Programme, which, since 2013, has pushed the boundaries of experiential design with work from Nendo, Raw Edges, Philippe Malouin and Tom Dixon. The first installment of this year-long collaboration unveiled in January 2017 at the Interior Design Show, Toronto, followed by a major event during Milan Design Week in April.

Under the title of “Stone Age Folk” Hayon use Caesarstone as a precious component of his whimsical universe inspired by Fauna – the natural world – and folklore. Blending fantasy with functionality, playfulness with craft and interactivity with cultural references, Hayon will create a kaleidoscopic, yet harmonic installation, which includes his signature smiling characters popping up throughout the space, alongside joyful carousels, wall panels, lights and tables.

The installation uses over 48 different Caesarstone colours combined with metal and glass, employing high-end traditional techniques of stone marquetry and metal crafting, elevating Caesarstone material to the luxury of a precious stone.

«People tend to see Caesarstone as a material that is only used in kitchens, but I looked at it from the viewpoint of an artist and designer. With this in mind, I wanted to create my own imaginative cosmos, using the brand’s quartz material alongside other noble materials like glass and metal.» Jaime Hayon, Designer.

«Entranced by Hayon’s fantastic world and ability to combine different Caesarstone colours and materials in such an effortless, elegant way, we were inspired to work with him on a new collaboration that, drawing on the successful 2015 collaboration on the commissioned mask Face Mirror, will further demonstrate the beauty and strength of Caesarstone, whilst providing his own artistic, visionary interpretation.” Eli Feiglin, VP of Marketing at Caesarstone.

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Photos: Tom Mannion.

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