COS, Collection Of Style, creates modern, functional, considered design for men and women. Since the fashion brands launch in 2007, COS has opened more than a hundred stores in Europe, Asia and the U.S., each one placed in a carefully considered location and with a clear modern design concept.

For winter 2014 COS commissioned Till Wiedeck to develop a bespoke in store installation for their worldwide retail shops. In close collaboration they created “Object XI & XII” a unique interpretation of HelloMe’s 2012 project Critical Objects. The two tables continue the studio’s exploration of the border between the functional and the sculptural.

“Object XI & XII” is designed to host a carefully curated selection of items in a black and white theme. Merging functionality and abstraction they have developed a unique rubber granulate surface resembling Travatine stone while preserving the tactile and functional aspects of the rubber.

The table can be seen in COS stores worldwide from 20th of November 2014.

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Photos: HelloMe.

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