The Head in the Clouds pavilion is the main gathering space for FIGMENT’s 2013 summer-long exhibition on New York’s Governors Island. Chosen from over 200 submissions, the winning proposal of StudioKCA for the City of Dreams Pavilion competition (sponsored by American Institue of Architects New York ENYA, Structural Engineers Association of New York, and FIGMENT) comes out of the desire to create a “place to dream in the city of dreams”.  After all, the city of dreams is filled with dreamers, and those dreamers need a place to dream that city of dreams.

Made from 53,780 recycled bottles – the amount, thrown away in NYC in 1 hour – it is a space where visitors can enter into and contemplate the light and color filtering through the «cloud’ from the inside, out.  A series of «pillows» made from one gallon jugs form the exterior, while 16 and 24 ounce bottles line the interior. Sand, water, and a curved aluminum frame provide structural integrity and create a small seating/dreaming area for 50 people at the base.  StudioKCA collected used bottles from organizations, businesses, schools, and individual.

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