A flower growing in a crack of the concrete. This project is like that; finding unanticipated beauty in the urban landscape, inviting a moment of pause and response.

The search for these small offerings is an open invitation to explore and play. In 2010, they launched Finders Keepers, creating and tagging 300 red, magnetic ceramic hearts on Granville Island in Vancouver. Those who found them, kept or gave them to loved ones. It became a scavenger hunt with a huge following.

The enthusiasm for that project sparked the next venture: to design a similar creative experience on a much larger scale, while using an object with depth of context. Rather than making something themselves like before, they opted to source vintage ceramic tiles, the value of which goes beyond their attractive appearance, telling the story of long- standing traditions of use in architecture around the world.

The tiles have taken to the streets! They are now being dispersed throughout specific neighbourhoods in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

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Photos: Dear Human.


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