MONTAGE #3, is the new project of K-O-N-T-O Studio, a combination of art and design lab.

Imagine yourself situated in a space with no room for your physical human body. A space where you can only enter in the shape of a transformed abstraction and a presence determined by questioning the relation between space and the observer. Try to expand the image of yourself to this vague unit, and let your imagination vanish hidden boundaries between the experience of human body, dimensions of space and the language you use to mirror your self.

MONTAGE #3 is a brief study of how an abstract composition impact the perception of a non narrative space. With MONTAGE #3 they intended to shift their questioning from the observation of a singular object to an examination of the relation between components.

evista-magazine-window-display-escaparates-visual-merchandising-retail-design-k-o-n-t-o-studio-montage3-002 evista-magazine-window-display-escaparates-visual-merchandising-retail-design-k-o-n-t-o-studio-montage3-003 evista-magazine-window-display-escaparates-visual-merchandising-retail-design-k-o-n-t-o-studio-montage3-004 evista-magazine-window-display-escaparates-visual-merchandising-retail-design-k-o-n-t-o-studio-montage3-005

Photos: MONTAGE #3.

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