The wedding chapel is part of Villa Escamp, the temporary city hall for the Escamp district in The Hague.

This glasshouse structure (design Korteknie Stuhlmacher) is divided into a number of different rooms that reflect the diverse activities of the new municipal centre. DUS was responsible for the design of the wedding chapel. Untill 2011 when the real city hall will be realized (design Rudy Uytenhaak) the villa will function as a platform where the future developments of Escamp can be presented and discussed. Couples can actually marry in the wedding chapel but moreover the chapel is a place where people can show commitment towards the planned new developments in Escamp, and each other.

The six-metre-long, three-metre-high ‘dome’ can accommodate 50 people (at a pinch). It is crocheted of no less than two kilometres of white flexible ventilation tubes, causing a sacral atmosphere with soft acoustics and beautiful lighting.

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Fotos: Myung Feyen.


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