Manolo is an outstanding multi-functional furniture designed by Ilario Branca.

A panel where to store and hang your things with a strong attitude towards customization, pure usefulness and design. Its wooden knobs and your creativity are the basic elements to create the ideal layout, transforming it into coat hanger, bathroom console, bookcase, bedside table or simple shelves.

Manolo interacts, changes and suits your space needs, allows you to have a new furniture element in a second. Manolo has knobs, hangers, large shelf and small shelves: you can use the knobs to hang your clothes or as support where to place the shelves or the coat hangers. Available on or e-shop, besides the basic set supplied, there are the document pocket, additional shelves and hangers.

With Manolo being organized is comfortable and fun!

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Photos: Ilario Branca.

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