Cities are engulfed with rigid constructions for billboard advertisment which are expensive tu put up, maintain and their subsequent renting is a costly venture. The Gregory project brings optimalization to the construction of billboard structures in a way that the insides of these, after the extension, could be turned into a living space. Such an object would need just  a minimal maintanance cost which could be partially paid through the rental of its advert space.

Designdevelop converts with this project billboards into houses for the homeless.

Visualization concept was created on the basis of constructive solution of billboards, that were simply optimized for creation of a living space.

Ground plan of interior comes from the shape of a billboard, triangle. Dispositional solution is divided into two rooms. First one contains entrance hall, kitchen with a small office desk, stairs to the raised bed, bedroom part under that is storage room. Second part, bathroom, consists of washbasin that is located on the wardrobe, toilet and shower corner.

At first glance, very clean exterior acts only as a billboard structure with no added value. Billboard dimensions are preserved than standard billboards, with the exception of steps, which evoke earlier structure for manipulating the ad, not the structure to make the living space.

GREGORY is designed as an «open source» project, or open code, in which you can intervene (architects, designers, artists) and create a new design and layout alternatives free of charge and it further divulged.

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Photos: Design Develop.

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