The grocery shop project for Toulouse University is part of an overall focus regarding available food services within student environments, initiated by the CNOUS* and managed by the designer matalie crasset, along with a graphic design agency Praline, assisted by Dominique Serre from Terres Nuages.

This study gave rise to two concepts in addition to the university cafeteria: the Mini R where you can go eat and the mini M to go buy food.

With Mini referring to the small surface area and M for Market, this close-by grocery shop fulfils a need in an expanse far from city-centres or shopping sectors. It boasts a wide selection of food products – fresh fruit, cooked meals, dinners to-go, canned foods …, hygiene items, etc …

Even from a distance this grocery shop stands out. The outside contrasts with the concrete student housing architecture. The colours radiate life around this clearly-defined extension which spontaneously creates a new and confirmed identity.

It’s a powerfully-prominent indicator on the University premises.

The new grocery shop adopts codes and values developed in the transversal project, as Mini M regroups two of the concepts: Global for the grocery shop and Vital for the fresh part: the little vegetable market.

Inside, the grocery shop is blue and white with octagonal shapes subtly decorating and defining the cold-food storage and shelving areas, making the whole be accessible, warm and contemporary.

The small four-season market is designed with rounded arches making a hazel brown-colour pergola, like a chestnut tree. The curves associated with the wood and loosely yellow-tinted areas give it a welcoming feeling and incontestably becomes the central spot for the shop manager.

These two mindsets work hand-in-hand in this space, describing it simultaneously in fine detail and colour.

This area is alive and wants this energy to be contagious, encouraging a positive outlook with the Crous who are at our side during the best years of our life.

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Photos: Philippe Piron.

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