Spanish accessories brand Malababa is opening up a new store in Madrid’s Serrano 8, where its structure symbolizes and reproduces the firm’s identity features: light, texture, colour and shapes.

It is in itself a return to their roots, where raw beauty’s natural sense gets stablished as different, authentic and truly attractive. Everything in Serrano 8 Malababa calls for an authenticity which becomes more beautiful within time. And this is precisely one of Malababa’s mantras.

Founders of Malababa Ana Carrasco and Jaime Lara, together with design and architecture studios Ciszak Dalmas and Matteo Ferrari, have joined forces day after day to materialise the dream of Malababa at Serrano 8. The result is a space that has been built the same way their products are: with passion, consistency, honesty and sustainability. A retreat that breathes creativity and a total involvement of all team members.

The pink-tinged interiors and natural stone fixtures that Ciszak Dalmas and Matteo Ferrari have created for this store in Madrid were influenced by the brand’s jewellery and leather accessories. vishopmag-escaparates-revista-escaparatismo-magazine-visualmerchandising-malababa-madrid-retaildesign-001  vishopmag-escaparates-revista-escaparatismo-magazine-visualmerchandising-malababa-madrid-retaildesign-003 vishopmag-escaparates-revista-escaparatismo-magazine-visualmerchandising-malababa-madrid-retaildesign-004Photos: Ciszak Dalmas.



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