revista-magazine-escaparates-cafe-x-robot-vishopmag001SAN FRANCISCO.

Cafe X Technologies last January unveiled its first robotic café in the U.S. by combining machine learning and robotics, aiming to eliminate the variabilities that bog down today’s coffee experience.

Cafe X is solving for the time and quality compromises that consumers are forced to make with daily coffee rituals. Working closely with local coffee roaster partners, Cafe X can consistently serve its customers in seconds with a focus on delivering beverages that taste exactly how the coffee roaster intended.

The inaugural machine is located in downtown San Francisco’s Metreon shopping center, a highly trafficked area that will be the blueprint for future Cafe X locations as Hong Kong.

Customers can order customized espresso-based beverages on the spot at the ordering kiosk or they can download the Cafe X app onto their mobile device to order in advance. Once the beverage is ready, customers use the touch screens on the robotic café to type in a 4-digit order number which is either sent via text message or displayed on the Cafe X mobile app for iOS and Android. The Mitsubishi robot arm will then identify the customer’s drink from the waiting stations and deliver it to the customer within seconds.

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Photos: Cafe X Technologies.


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