A collaboration that started with a discussion of what makes one feel happy, whether tangible or a feeling, from small pleasures tolife conquests. Happier Cafe is a place for change and evolution, where people feel comfortable but also are key attributes to the space. For that, Johnny Chiu of JC Architecture believes each person sharing the space should be able to change and contribute to its creation.

Chiu imagined it as an art installation, given the lease was granted for only six months, something perhaps temporary, nonetheless imaginative and playful. Using paper was an ideal scheme to allow people to express, build, and adjust the environment according to their mood. Paper became a simple tool that records the change of the space, and the idea that each one of us can seek and manipulate their own search for balance and transformation.

Large paper rolls create a time machine installation, forming walkways, niches, and intimate spaces for coach sessions, gatherings and relaxation. The cafe bar is designed as an open counter where users hand pick their snacks and prepare their drinks, and are trusted to pay and collect their own change, enabling and sharing the responsibility and maintenance of the space to the community, an overall feeling that directly connects the people and space together.

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Photos: JC Architecture.

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