The bakery ‘Au Pain Doré’ , located on the ground floor of a 3 storey building on Côte-des-Neiges, decided to do some important renovations.

The interior organization has been completely redesigned with an extension in the back creating a 1500 sqft unit. The challenge was to give this chain a contemporary look. ‘Au pain doré’ is inspired by the european concept of ‘bakery/café’ that combines the sale of baked good and high quality coffee where the barista is put at centre stage.

The spatial concept of the project was inspired by the lattice of wooden bread baskets. A structural wooden frame holds a series of randomized wood slats creating a lattice that opens and closes to create space for lighting and ventilation. The lattice wraps down the wall turning into shelves for the bread and pasteries as well as benches and counter tops. The randomized rhythmic lattice provides a dynamism experienced as you enter the bakery.

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Photos: Adrien Williams / Naturehumaine Studio.

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