Smarter, brighter and better, that’s the walls of the new adidas gym.

Colourful decorations made up of numbers and letters get the rooms in the company’s own gym into shape, boosting energy, pulse and power.

Up to ten metres tall, the graphic elements are more than just feel-good wallpaper, instead communicating actively with the gym’s users as they warm up or chill, because the numbers and letters are also signs, holding coded messages that can be deciphered or ignored at will.

At first sight they are numbers and colours like the ones that appear on sportswear. The colours are indeed taken from the world of sport but all jumbled up. A closer look reveals – through the beads of sweat – the number 13, once worn, for example, by gerd müller, plus the 10 and 23, which starts one wondering who they could stand for.

Just what »om bliss« and »relax« are all about is revealed by a visit to the bar. In some rooms there are bright ideas to be found in the shape of huge illuminated numbers on the ceiling: 54… now wasn’t that the year of germany’s miraculous world cup win? whatever, there’s plenty here to think and talk about.

Welcome to the gym!

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Photos: Brigida González / Büro Uebele.


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