The interior for Hverdagen combines the idea of a traditional restaurant with a long-table dinner concept for friends and family. All furniture is made entirely from the same douglas tree, designed and handcrafted by Vermland studio and joinery. Hverdagen is located next to the vibrant area Kødbyen in Copenhagen. The owners want to introduce everyday food in an experimenting and sustainable way based on 100% organic ingredients.

A long table is hanging from the timber frame construction in the middle of the room and devides the café into smaller zones with different functions. The goal was to be able to host social everyday long table dinners while at the same time allow people to stop by for a more intimate café experience.

They are inspired by simple and functional joinery rooted in traditional crafts. They like how Japanese carpentry and architecture beautifully balance the narratives of structural and textural aspects. At Hverdagen they wanted to replace modern assistive metal parts – such as screws and brackets – with honest wooden joints. In that way the beautiful solid wood becomes both the structural and visual story of the design.  vishopmag-revista-magazine-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-vermland-hverdagen-retail-design2 vishopmag-revista-magazine-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-vermland-hverdagen-retail-design3 vishopmag-revista-magazine-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-vermland-hverdagen-retail-design4 vishopmag-revista-magazine-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-vermland-hverdagen-retail-design5Photos: Vermland Studio.

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