You only have to see first-hand the incredible skill, attention to detail and passion involved in making a pair of Joseph Cheaney & Sons’ shoes, to realise it truly is an art.

In the second collaboration with the brand Checkland Kindleysides have captured this spirit in a beautifully analogue experience that honours the process of handcrafted luxury.

The space re-tells the story of ‘the art of the shoemaker’ through signatures that illuminate this process. A contemporary narrative drives a genuine love for the craftsmanship of the brand, and an even greater appreciation of their product.

A drawing board display presents footwear as exhibits, and storytelling is aided by silhouettes of traditional shoe making tools and patterns that are cut into the surface. Elsewhere, inspired by the visual drama of the leather steaming process, a canopy of 30 moulded leather shades bathe the footwear in warm light.

Their latest collaboration builds on the success of their first store with Joseph Cheaney on Jermyn Street.  This award winning retail space has become globally renowned for telling an authentic and contemporary story of ‘Made in England’, and was featured in GQ’s ‘100 best things in the world right now’.

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Photos:  Checkland Kindleysides

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