One of the most famous department stores and a gourmet mecca is definitely Le Bon Marché in Paris. This week it was reopened. The luxury department store Bon Marché is popular with foodies and bon vivants and it has a strong traditional bond with Paris and the local people. No wonder that people were curious about the new look, which embraces commercial aspects as well as tradition and nouvelle cuisine.

The concept design picks up the tradition of typical French markets and boutiques stores. Patisserie, Chocolaterie, Boulangerie etc. – all designed like boutiques, clearly arranged and more open than in the past. The newly developed counters are recovered by Mosaic Patterns, which are known from Art Nouveau. The Mosaic patterns adorn counters and rear panels, showing a part of French culture and tradition here as well.
At Bon Marché skilled trades get the appreciation they deserve. Only expert staff are working in every boutique and it is part of the concept to show this. It is also a way of paying homage to these professions. In the now more open Boulangerie, Chocolaterie and Patisserie all merchandise is continuously and freshly produced every single day. Since recently the production process is also visible from the street which draws even more attention to the fact that everything here is handmade.
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