A jungle of buildings, small alleys with extreme density, and the cities atmosphere of glittering neon-signs. Sihinjuku is always a city with an image of artificial chaos, but also with a nostalgic 80’s atmosphere, and a human-like feeling. Koichi Futatusmata came upon the idea creating a store that can merge this kind of Shinjuku atmosphere, with the opposite natural and generous feeling the Aesop brand has.

Cold but warm, new but nostalgic. A place that functions as a new retreat in such city. They chose stainless steel with a mirror finish for the main material. Chipped plaster walls finished with a rough expression, combined with a glorious artificial volume of stainless steel will be applied to create a shop space that is distinct to Shinjuku but also reflects the Aesop brand through its design.  vishopmag-revista-magazine-retaildesign-visualmerchandising-escaparate-aesop-shinjuku-casereal-2 vishopmag-revista-magazine-retaildesign-visualmerchandising-escaparate-aesop-shinjuku-casereal-3 vishopmag-revista-magazine-retaildesign-visualmerchandising-escaparate-aesop-shinjuku-casereal-4Photos: Daisuke Shima / Koichi Futatusmata, Yuki Onita(CASE-REAL)


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