Paris based manswear label Homecore, created over 25 years ago as the first streetwear brand in France, has commisioned Studio Malka Architecture to design his brand new shop in Les Champs-Elysées. This project is inspired by the legendary spraycan logo Krylon and Homecore’s Color Therapy concept.  It’s a check to graffiti, a love decalaration to the « Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun » fundamental statements of this culture.
Seven arches define the facade ; they are the origin of the chromatic axis that crosses the shop, just like dropped shadows. Those openings are the Newton’s prism that disperses white light into the sprectrum colors. The shop turns into a chromatic space, a physical representation of the chromatic circle where vivid tints intersect and add up on each crossing, creating alliances between the masses.
The intersection of each of the arcs creates an additive color ; red adds to blue to create purple, or to yellow for orange …Each radiation corresponds to a refractive index, and each intersection is an additive synthesis of the circle where the colors transforms itself.This project is a three-dimensional representation of the chromatic circle, and gives tangible form to the immaterial space of the spectrum, where the color structures the space just as a material.  vishopmag-revista-escaparates-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-windowdisplay-tienda-homecore-store-002 vishopmag-revista-escaparates-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-windowdisplay-tienda-homecore-store-003 vishopmag-revista-escaparates-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-windowdisplay-tienda-homecore-store-004 vishopmag-revista-escaparates-escaparatismo-visualmerchandising-windowdisplay-tienda-homecore-store-005Photos: Studio Malka Architecture.

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