Discover the new Audemars Piguet Lounge, Ice Cycle, designed by Sebastian Errazuriz.

Taking inspiration from the ice formations and snowy landscapes in the environs of Audemars Piguet’s home of Le Brassus, the lounge will express the purity of nature and the passing of time. With water and ice as its main thematic elements, the new stand will give form to the concept of an ice cycle as a metaphor of time. Three key components will anchor Errazuriz’s design: the icicle as a beautiful form, accumulating over time; the water drop, seen as nature’s ticking pulse; and ripples in the water, symbolizing the forward movement of new life. The drips of the melting icicles resemble nature’s pulse, like a beating of a heart or a ticking clock.Captura-de-pantalla-2016-06-18-a-la(s)-20.19.29

The new lounge will seek to remind the viewer of a space of reflection. It will include a soundproof room enveloped with custom-designed panels adorned with patterns of icicles, stalactites, and stalagmites. The space functions as a private vault, with a chiming timepiece at its core. The façade of the lounge will include a striking ice tank, composed of illuminated acrylic rods which will flash to mimic the regular rhythm of a heartbeat.revista-magazine-window-display-escaparates-visual-merchandising-retail-design-audemars-piguet-sebastian-errazuriz002

A selection of 10 intricately detailed, open-worked watches, exquisite gem-set high jewellery watches, and pioneering minute-repeating wristwatches will be displayed in the lounge. Echoing Errazuriz’s diverse design practices, these three categories of watchmaking each require the expertise and dedication of specialised craftsmen who have devoted their time and energy to mastering in their respective fields. The Haute Joaillerie Diamond Fury and Punk watches will be displayed within a one-of-a-kind showcase composed of mirror fragments, allowing the viewer to observe the iconic timepieces through a dazzling kaleidoscope effect.revista-magazine-window-display-escaparates-visual-merchandising-retail-design-audemars-piguet-sebastian-errazuriz003

revista-magazine-window-display-escaparates-visual-merchandising-retail-design-audemars-piguet-sebastian-errazuriz004 revista-magazine-window-display-escaparates-visual-merchandising-retail-design-audemars-piguet-sebastian-errazuriz005

Photos: Sebastian Errazuriz.

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