McDonald’s has entrusted to Patrick Norguet its flagship restaurant on Avenue des Champs-Elysées.

This unique project came about as a result of a new study carried out over two years on the major changes of our time, the integration of new habits and new technologies. A radical and resolutely modern approach that affords clients of the Champs-Elysées location a high quality setting and convenience of use, on two levels inside and on the new deck outside.

The restaurant’s configuration is based on contrast between light and materials. Simple and appropriate materials such as concrete, sheet metal and metallic netting contrast with a spectacular accumulation of light boxes, a permanent installation that gives structure to the volumes. This scenography can be seen from the street through the 25-meter wide picture window.

Lastly, a set of furniture specially designed for the restaurant coupled with great attention to detail ensures architectural cohesion and accentuates the sense of openness and lightness. A truly novel place where the person can take his place back in this space that is more pared down, more functional and more welcoming.

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Photos: Patrick Norguet.

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